Yarn Diet

I have mixed results from dieting of any sort. First of all, I tend to only have the slightest modicum of discipline if I become crazy militant with a PLAN. "Eating reasonably" is not something I can process when a plate of gooey enchiladas are placed in front of me. However, I can say, "I don't eat that this week," and push it away, imagining it as a plate of bubbling toxins. Of course, any dieting expert would tell you that it's the "this week" in that strategy that kills me every time. Eventually, I will need to take on the sweet, sweet loving that is an evening at Amigos, and once I take one bite, I'm screwed.

Well, being reasonable and temperate with my yarn purchases is not going well. Being out of school presents an entirely new and expanded window of time in which to troll up and down the aisles of.....well....any place that sells string. I find myself reaching for my keys several times a day thinking, "I should go to Michaels now to check out how they arranged the new merchandise" or "This is the perfect time to drive down the the Shabby Sheep and see what they have which the Woolie Ewe doesn't." Meanwhile, my yarn basket overfloweth.

So, a yarn diet it is. From last Monday until next Friday (Friday being the traditional day to buy yarn in my own rule-bound universe) I will purchase no new yarn and will burn my way through as much old yarn (preferably the ugly crap) as I possibly can. I'm working on a charity afghan for NDSM to use up old acrylics, and I'm putting the nose to the grindstone on all other wip's.

Yesterday, I bought a little over $50 in yarn for Becca's wedding afghan, but since it was online and for a good cause, I don't think it counts, do you?

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