Haul Out the Stockings!

Pattern: "Monkey" by Cookie A., available free online here
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy (a yarn I will gladly make-out with), 100% superwash merino in fingering weight
Color: Cloud Jungle

Plus: It's delightful--great yarn, brilliant pattern. If you're one of the few knitters left in the world who hasn't made them yet, submit, submit, submit.

Delta: I think I started the toe decreases just a smidge too early, so the heel flap pulls down a bit under my foot, rather than resting smartly at the back. Also, I decided to trust her judgment and knit a plain stockinette heel flap, but now I'm wondering whether I should have gone with a sturdier eye-of-partridge. I think I'll cry if these socks get a hole.

Jake is pretty much kicking arse and taking names up here in Virginia. His law school buddies have taken to calling him the "future editor of Law Review" and "the teacher." They frequently gather for study sessions in which Jake basically explains complicated cases or principles to them using a white board and marker, while they take notes and ask questions. He's also consistently scored the highest in the class on all assignments for Legal Writing. Unreal. I'm actually kind of disappointed. I was hoping that he was finally going to be in an environment which pushed him to the limits of everything he's got. Don't get me wrong, he's still working on law school about 80 hours a week....but he seems more like a kid in a candy store than an overworked, stressed-out student. Crazy, no?

Oh, and public service announcement: no more ex-boyfriends, relatives, friends, STUDENTS or knitting bloggers are allowed to get pregnant this season. Enough, people. I know that it's something normal people manage to do every day, but to someone like me, it's like watching everyone you know win the lottery at once. I'm happy for you, blah, blah, blah, now QUIT. Thanks. :-)

Watts' Family Afghan of Eternity Square 31/36


From My Cold, Dead Hands

Pattern: "Thorpe," by Kristen Kapur, available as a free download on Ravelry
Yarn: Noro Iro - bulky single-ply; 75% wool, 25% silk
Colorway: 57 (I think)
Mods: Rather than using contrast yarn for crocheted edge and braids, I used more of the same yarn

Plus: I adore this. It looks fabulous, sassy, and vintage on me. It's my new favorite hat.

Delta: It was NOT supposed to be for me. I intentionally picked what I thought would be a masculine colorway and knit the largest size so that it would be a generic, male-appropriate gift for this Christmas. No dice. This baby is MINE!!!!

Mama's got a brand new bag...and it's got intimidating, metal parts and an LCD screen. Yikes. I already broke one needle in half and bent a second one pretty dramatically. Oh well. It's all part of the learning process.

This is my first finished object, a "stitch-sampler tea towel," instructions available in the Sew Everything Workshop. Oh yeah. I'm clearly on my way.

In the meantime, I'm starting to struggle with loneliness here. I dragged myself to a "Tuesday Night Ladies Club" event for the wives/girlfriends of W&L law students, and it was okay. The girls seemed nice, but I didn't really make any instant connections. I had planned on attending a knitting group gathering at Panera in Charlottesville on Wednesday night, but it was so rainy and cold that I bailed. Jake had made tentative weekend plans with some guys from school who also have wives, but that fell through a few minutes ago.

On the bright side, we discovered the wonders of Roanoke two weeks ago: Abuelo's Mexican food, Barnes and Noble, Target, Starbucks, a mall....pretty much heaven for this city-starved girl. Jake and I woke up this morning hankering our traditional donuts/Starbucks/couch-reading Saturday morning (which we haven't really done since I started Weight Watchers in March). Of course, the nearest Starbucks in 45 minutes away, but we figured Jake could make coffee while I ran to a donut shop. Alas, the nearest donut shop is also 45 minutes away. Donuts, y'all. Donuts.

Watts Wedding Well Wisher Afghan: square #30/36 (this was pretty challenging for me)