A Spiritual Quest for the Perfect Poncho

Pattern: "Lace Cotton Ponchette" by windloop, available as a free pdf here
Yarn: Rio Grande Hand-dyed Superwash Merino Sport, purchased here by my lovely mother-in-law while on vacation

So...my m.i.l. is a big ole hippie. After requesting a poncho in vague terms for several years (which I pretended not to hear...in fact, I shuddered just think of it) she returned from a trip to Taos with two heavenly skeins of sport weight merino. Great! Shall we make a socks? A scarf? Gloves? I'm sorry, you want me to make a whole poncho from this?! HECK NO!

Well, I spoke too soon, because the knitting stars aligned once again for the perfect project to meet the perfect yarn. I had less than a yard leftover after seaming up the edge, and some of the required length had to be coaxed into reality through the magic of blocking, but doggonit, we made it happen! And you know what, I think it's pretty cool. It's TOTALLY the kind of thing one wears a bra under.

Delta: There's definitely a major error in the written instructions. The chart is fine, and you can find the errata in the Raverly pattern comments. Just a heads up. And sorry for the crap pictures. Blame the husband.

An Oldie but Goodie

Pattern: "Rusted Root," by Sarah Johnson, available on Ravelry for a $6 download
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton and Silk (83% cotton/17% silk)
Colorway: Papaya

I actually finished this way back in November, but--being a self-conscious girl in general--have been loathe to dress up and do a proper photo shoot. I've been wearing it like crazy, however. I found it especially comfortable and appropriate in Dallas, where a cozy, short-sleeved, breathable sweater is exactly what the doctor ordered on a "cold" (read 50 degrees) evening. Now that it's spring here in Virginia, I plan on it becoming my official wardrobe.

Though I felt pretty daring and conceited while knitting a medium in this pattern, I think I could have gotten away with a small, or at least done more decreases to the waistline. Now that I've lost 63 pounds (!!!) that's actually a big problem when it comes to my handknits. I've tossed out 3/4ths of my wardrobe in favor of trimmer duds, but when it comes to a sweater I've painstakingly knit by hand...let's just say, I'm hoping to find them good, adopted mommies.

I have an Ingenue knit up to a 41" bust with a few extra inches of length; a Split-Neckline Cap-Sleeve Tee at 41" with many extra inches of length; and a 41" February Lady Sweater (version for broader shoulders). Any takers? Swappers? Barterers?