Pattern: "Split-Neckline Cap Sleeve Tee" by Stefanie Japel, available in Fitted Knits
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Worsted (Marmalade and Butter Pecan)
Needles: US7 circulars (worked entirely seamless and mostly in the round)
Size: 42" bust, shown with zero ease
Mods: I didn't bind off the turned picot hem, but rather sewed down the live stitches the way EZ recommends in Knitting Without Tears. I didn't knit as many rounds on the collar hem and could/should have done even fewer since the neckline hits so high. I joined the sweater after the shoulder hole a few rounds early to see if it would reduce the gaping problem some people had. Not really sure if it helped. I also added many inches to the bottom edge because I have a super long bod.

Plus: Definitely an easy, mindless knit for when you need one of those. The yarn is soooper soft and cuddly. The split-neckline adds a little more bang for your buck, considering this is basically a shapeless tube, otherwise. It detracts from, and balances, the simplicity of the shirt.

Delta: As I was warned, the yarn sheds little orange wispies while you're knitting, which gets irritating after a while. I decided to try EZ's advice on end-weaving: work a couple stitches with both strands together and then weave in diagonally (no knots). Well, it worked great on Jake's wool "Cobblestone," but on this shiny cotton stuff, each woven end sticks out quite prominently. The stitches worked together are very noticeable. The ends I wove in frayed with washing and stuck out the FRONT of the sweater. I had to pull them from the back until a good 1/2 inch was sticking out on the underside. The collar is too high and not shaped enough; a few short rows would have gone a long, long way, but I understand that she was trying to create a sweater that one could make as a beginner. I get it. Similarly, the waist has no shaping, which is why many people on Ravelry gripe that it knits up too big.

It knits up to EXACTLY the size the schematics (and basic algebra) imply...they just didn't imagine what a shapeless sweater would look like in positive or zero ease. You know...because your boobs are probably bigger than your waist!!! Do you want it to hug your boobs and drape over the waist, or drape over your boobs and flow a few inches from the waist? Ease issue. The model in the book is clearly wearing hers with many, many inches of negative ease, but this is not explicitly mentioned. I personally am very self-conscious about my belly flab and wanted mine to have a relaxed, comfy fit.

Overall, I'm happy, but it's nothing to write home about. Good experience. Good top-down seamless raglan experience.

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