All the Dragons Will Be So Frightened!

Pattern: "Cobblestone Pullover" by Jared Flood, available in Interweave Knits - Fall 2007
Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed HW (Orca)
Needles: US8 circular (worked SEAMLESS and 100% in the round)
Size: 43" chest with 2" positive ease

Plus: This pattern was a cinch! Great first sweater. The yarn is soft and cozy and tweedy and manly and cheap, cheap, cheap. Jake likes that the sweater resembles a chain mail tunic and therefore disguises him as a terrifying knight!

Delta: I think the neckline is too wide and may eventually pick up some stitches and add a few more rows there. It looks a bit...femi. I also wish that I had knit the smaller size. Jake insists that he likes the size I made, but I know that he looks better in sweaters with less ease. My gauge was a bit tighter when I started, so I was aiming between the 41" and 43". Instead, it turned out exactly 43". Ah well.

He loves it (or says he does like a good, little hubby) and wore it to work today. Evidently, many people complimented him on it, even before he mentioned that it was handknit by his ball-and-chain. One conversation actually went like this:

"Jake, do you pick out your clothes or does your wife do it?"
"Well, you always seem extraordinarily well-dressed for a guy."
"Are you saying I look gay?"
Awkward pause from her.
"Actually, I often have to help Kat pick out her clothes."

Last night I dreamed that I sat next to Stephanie Japel at a knitting conference but couldn't work up the courage to ask her to sign my copy of Fitted Knits. I'm the biggest dork I know. Fo sho.

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