The Long Slog

Sadly, I have no finished objects to share today. Only progress on many, many current projects. Above is my rather bizarre, as yet still unfelted Booga Bag. My knitting group plans to felt ours all together next weekend. Until then, I will ponder over whether the final product will be something I'll ever use. It's so pink and cheerful and girly right now....I can't imagine carrying it around without feeling foolish.

And here is one of my newest projects: A Recipe for Fish, a baby blanket for a pregnant cousin-in-law. The nursery is all made up in a Dr. Seuss theme, so I thought this pattern would be precious done in only blue and red fish....get it? I'm going to make most of the fish blue, and sprinkle a couple red fish throughout to give the impression of red fish in a blue sea...until you look closer and see that they're all fish. This Shibui worsted superwash is a gorgeous, yummy, velvety dream! I can't wait to order more. Eat Sleep Knit, YA'LL!

Jake's Cobblestone is progressing nicely, if a little slowly. It's funny how once you join in the sleeves you feel like you're ALMOST there, until you realize how large the yoke truly needs to be. And then if it's all in garter stitch? Fagedabawdit! Did I say that right?

The other sock looks just like the first only not as big yet, so no picture. The split-neck tee looks just like it did in my last picture except for slightly longer, so no picture. The Watt afghan has bested me all week, since I have been working on this stupid square, with no progress. I never get past about 12 rows before I have to rip back again. Right now, it looks like a rewound ball of pissed off yarn, so no picture. I'm officially moving on to a different square next week. I finished another bridesmaid shawl, but it looks exactly the same as the last one, so no picture.

In other news, I attended one of the best concerts of my life this Wednesday, Ben Folds with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra at the Meyerson. Positively magical! If he's coming anywhere near you for the rest of his tour, I strongly urge you to go. You won't regret it. I've been so crazy busy at school lately, I keep imagining my head spinning right off my shoulders and whirling into the stratosphere. Friday evening, I came home after doing a quick errand and promptly fell asleep for 15 hours straight. Also, I'm really depressed lately. This, however, made me feel a wee bit better.



  1. that fish blanket looks like a lot of work, but looks like it is going to be ADORABLE when finished! you don't pick quick and easy projects do you? keep up all the lovely knitting. i love the yarn you chose for the cobblestone. is it rowan felted tweed?

  2. Thanks. I know. I need more small projects. The fishies are going really fast. I can almost finish 2 an hour! The cobblestone is in Knit Picks City Tweed and feels deLISHous. Highly recommend.