Victory is MINE

I made a sock. And darnit....it looks like a real, live sock! Notice, how I do not have to fiercely point my toes like some stressed out ballerina in order to fake a foot arch. This baby hugs my foot all the way from dry, itchy calf skin to chipped black toe nail polish. This (near) flawless creation of humble wool and nylon deserves my unfettered devotion and awe. I think I'll make her a mate to keep her happy and fulfilled. I'll even bite my tongue about how unflattering this colorway and pooling looks on me. I don't want to make her self-conscious before her first public appearance.

I also finished another Watt afghan square. I could not believe how much yarn and effort this little 10.5 inch square gobbled up. Sure, the result is all squooshy and texturelicious, but LORD! A skein and a half for one stinkin' square?!


  1. but what a lovely square! and a lovely sock too. i have yet to try socks yet. i feel i ought to knit a pair to be a "real knitter" but i just have no desire to wear a handknit sock.

  2. Well, then for land sakes, don't knit one. I am not particularly entertained by the knitting of this basic sock, but I find the more intricate creations (monkey, spring forward, pomotamus, marlene) absolutely mesmerizing. First, however, I wanted to get the basic mechanics down.