Caution: Dangerously Low Arches!

So, first sock attempt was interesting. I learned a lot. I completed my first Kitchner stitch graft on the toe. I "turned" the heel without any trouble at all (short rows are cool). I discovered that knitting with size 1 needles feels like crafting with toothpicks, and that I am just stressed enough lately to bend bamboo substantially in my iron Virgo death grip. Obviously, the "arch" is non-existent. In fact, the bottom of the foot sags outward, so I probably picked up too many stitches along the heel. Figures, since that was the part that felt most like guesswork. Although this pair of socks was destined to be a belated Mother's Day gift for Becky, I think I will call it quits here. Maybe I'll stuff the sock full of potpourri and call it a sachet!

The broken yarn diet continues, with emphasis on turn-and-burn. I've used up just about all the old acrylic leftover from Josh's rasta hat by finishing five 11" afghan squares. I've used up all the yarn I have on hand for Temple's wedding blanket and am retiring that until further yarn buying is unavoidable. I'm half-way through a dishcloth that will use up two leftover skeins of cotton, and a sweet little angora baby hat with lace around the trim. I've brought in the tube top from Jake's car so I can put some real progress into that, and I found an awesome stuffed dinosaur pattern that will be great for Ascher in some ugly acrylic yarn his mom dumped on me. Meanwhile, thinking about possibilities for father's day, Jessica's birthday, a sympathy gift for Joan (her dog died), and a thank-you gift to mom for waiting on me hand-and-foot after my surgery.

Speaking of the surgery, that infamous shoulder pain visited me later, and it hurts like a bitch! I'm still cramping and hurting like old times, but at least I know what it's NOT. Yay. It has become clear to me in the last few days that Jake is starting to feel especially helpless and concerned about my physical/mental health. As much as I may want to throw a tantrum and feel really sorry for myself, I've got to stay optimistic and strong for him. He has so much pressure and so many responsibilities as it is. For me to give up or become despondent now would do far too great a damage to our marriage. He loves me so much and is so incredibly empathetic, I know this is eating away at him, even when I keep smiling. What am I going to do with that boy?

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