My babies

I am over half-way through my Clapotis! I'm positively bowled over by the genius of this pattern. There are many sweaters and blankets that I can now look at and think, "Oh, okay, I can see exactly what was done there." If left with some yarn to play with for enough time, I could figure out a decent imposter pattern. THIS, however, mystified me until I was well into the pattern and could watch it unfold in my hands. Speaking of hands, this yarn has zero stretch. Not sure if it's a property of the alpaca or the tencel, since I haven't worked with either much before. It's just fine for this pattern, which is all about the drape, but I cannot imagine it for socks, such as the Cookie A "Marlenes," which she designed for that yarn.

Also on the needles: a "sweater" for Jake's new laptop. The top is a very glossy, cherry-red material which is very cool and very scratch-prone. He's been protecting it by wrapping the poor thing with a towel before stuffing it in his book bag. SOOOOO hot.

I'm really enjoying both patterns, but I need to get back on Temple's wedding blanket! The shower is this weekend, but I technically don't HAVE to finish it until the wedding, right? Compared to these two, all that garter stitch....feels like putting on a pair of cotton granny panties after wearing a silk thong and a garter belt. Depressing. Comfortable.

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