Pattern: "Maine Morning Mitts" by Clara Parkes (available in The Knitter's Book of Yarn or for free at Knitter's Review)
Yarn: Noro Kureyon 170 (2 skeins, alternated every 2 rows)
Needles: US 7 dpns (knit entirely in the round)
Mods: lengthened cuffs by 1"

plus: These were fast, cute, and totally rockstar.
delta: You saw the yarn picture on the previous post. Fallish purples, golds, rust, deep greens...how come these came out of the skeins as only rose and teal? I wouldn't have bought rose and teal. Also, the patten is pretty boring, which I'll grudgingly admit may be a good thing since it lets the yarn colors shine.
issues: Why can't I ever knit a thumb join that doesn't need substantial sewing help to disguise the knitting holes?

Now that I've had my selfish fun, it's back to the bigger projects.

I really need a live-in seamstress and photographer. I constantly find great knitting projects that either require or would greatly benefit from lining or attachment to fabric. And I'm pretty sure I can't do steeks without a sewing machine. But I don't WANT to learn how to sew and use a machine. This habit takes all my time and resources as it is! Why venture into more cliched, matronly, addicting crafts? Besides, my little experience with sewing either by hand or machine was pretty unpleasant. As for the pictures, I'm constantly reprimanding myself for slaving hours over a beautiful handknit object, then taking a single crappy picture of it before sending it off. I'm starting to understand that a beautifully taken photograph can capture the luscious texture and color in a handknit so it can be cherished long-term and by many. Need an example?
Jared Flood's Noro Scarf:

Heart-breaking, isn't it?

So, of course, I had to make one, and though it wasn't as perfect as that, it was pretty durned exquisite! You can ask anyone who saw me working on it. It was the first gift project they practically had to tear from my jealous, clutching fingers. Here's the only picture that remains, hastily taken by Jake's camera phone:

Heart-breaking for an all-together different reason, I fear. And no, I did not knit my Noro scarf primarily in grays and browns. It was just as colorful and bad-ass as the one above. Shoddy photo.

SO! I'm hiring a photographer and a seamstress. No resumes or interviews needed. If you know what you're doing, just move on in. The futon is actually quite comfy (Jake is passed out on it as I type). I can't pay anything but kisses, handknits, and black cherry spritzers (the only food in my fridge right now), but that's probably still a pretty good deal in today's economy. What do you say?

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