But for why, dear maiden?

Not a clue. Perhaps I'm just concerned that I'll accomplish nothing of merit this summer. Perhaps I'm just worried that to not document is to not achieve. Perhaps I'm just going through another vanity phase. Perhaps I feel that there's just too much going on right now not to write it down.

Case it point: I'm having surgery next week, a laparoscopy to be precise. The reason for said procedure is that I THINK I have endometriosis. I THINK. My doctors and I will not know for sure whether I am paying thousands of dollars for unnecessary surgery until it is actually happening in my belly. A "lap" consists of a tiny camera, probes, and lasers being carefully inserted through "keyhole" incisions around my abdomen. If adhesions are found, they will burn them off. If they are not found, I will lose my shit.

The reason for said loss of shit is because I have been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain for months, perhaps even years now. It has reached the point where I spend the majority of my time lying flat on my back on a heating pad. There are prescription pain pills and days I have had to leave work early. This condition, whatever it is, is eating away at my quality of life in really substantial ways. Therefore, I am 90% sure that I am not making this up. Jake thinks I'm seriously messed up when I say things like that.

The endo would also be a comforting/discouraging discovery considering it usually causes infertility. I say comforting because it would help explain why we've been unsuccessful at getting pregnant for over a year now. I say discouraging because we've already discovered that Jake's little dudes have low motility and poor morphology, so to be doubly screwed would basically rule out bloodline heirs of any sort.

I also figured a knitting blog is a logical progression it my yarn-related madness. Ravelry is a holy sanctuary of pure perfection, and I do not underestimate it's nirvana-like affect on me, but meticulously loading pictures of my work and projects on there does not exactly help me share the glory with my friends, aka losers who do not play with sticks and yarn. Gloating is an important component of hand-crafting.

Hell, maybe I'll even write a damn poem.

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