With a little help from their friends...

My sweet "aunt" Nilsa has enlisted me to help make helmet liners for my "cousin" Eguie's troop in Iraq. Apparently, these hand-knit liners have been sent overseas by caring women since WWI! First of all, they help the helmets fit snugger (minimizing traumatic brain injuries). Additionally, the miraculous nature of pure wool maximizes heat retention and minimizes flammability. Cool, huh? Don't ask me why they aren't standard issue if they're so great and highly coveted by our hard-working, self-sacrificing men and women in service. I mean it. Don't get me started.

Eguie's troop contains 92 servicemen, and he'll evidently be visiting in October. We're hoping to finish as many as we can by then. If you're interested in helping out (even if that means learning how to knit) please let me know.

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