I met with my obgyn again today to go over the photos from the laparascopy and talk about our next step. Amazingly, I've been feeling really good. After my bowels recovered from the trauma of the surgery, I really had very little pain, lower back, abdomen, or otherwise. My energy level continues to rise, and I've hardly even touched my heating pad. My main question for the doctor? WHY?! She didn't find or remove endo! The surgery was a failure and a waste, right?

Well, the biopsy from the suspicious adhesion can back positive for endometriosis. So, I do have it, she did excise what little she found, and I will need to treat it moving forward. The good news is, she didn't see enough that she feels Lupron will be appropriate, and she doesn't see any evidence that adhesions are affecting fertility (none on the ovaries or the fallopian tubes, for instance). Basically, unless I'm pregnant or trying to be, I ought to be on birth control to keep this stuff at bay. I can handle that.

We also discussed this crazy uterine position. Apparently, it's entirely retrograde, meaning upside-down and resting back against my bowels instead of forward on my bladder and groin. This may very well be the reason I had such terrible lower back pain and digestive problems, and the clipped LUNA may have solved that entirely, simply because the pain it causes...I can't feel anymore! If the pain returns and persists, I may try a therapeutic pessary to physically PUT it in the right position (although that sounds dreadful).

Also interesting (to me): she performed a chromotubation to check on the state of my fallopian tubes. The right one worked, but the left one misbehaved. Apparently, because the method of this test involves sending dye backward through the tubes, it is common that the opening spasmed shut in a moment of, "Hey, what the he--?!" Anyway, we'll probably keep an eye on that. I'll keep the appointment with the fertility doc, and wait on seeing a GI specialist until any pain returns. Overall, I left her office feeling good about the surgery, my health, and our chances of conceiving. Wahoo!

Ah, yes, the Noro. I've been in a selfish mood lately. I decided I want a pair of Maine Morning Mitts in Kureyon, but striped a la Noro Scarf. It's gonna rock. You'll want to steal them. I also bought a Super Squishy Silky Skein of Sirdar Juicy DK for a summer hat to hide my bed-head....you know....on those don't-give-a-damn days. I would post a picture of that yarn too, but since you can't squeeze it through the computer, the beige color alone is pretty underwhelming.

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