Here comes the bridesmaid

Pattern: my own; garter rib stitch rectangle
Yarn: Knit Picks Cadena (cranberry); Knit Picks Suri Dream Solid (hollyberry and chili pepper)--all three held together
Needles: US 17 circular (worked flat)
Size: 48" x 12" for the extra-large with a CO of 102; for the large I will CO 98, medium 94; small 90

Plus: This is insanely warm, which is great because we'll be wearing them in January over strapless dresses. I'm also pleasantly surprised by the Suri Dream. Knit Picks claims that this is a less-itchy alternative to mohair when you want that haloed, fuzzy look; when I run my hand over this, the word "silky" always comes to mind, even though the whole thing is just wool and brushed alpaca.

Delta: I "designed" this shawl by pinning a towel around my shoulders to find the perfect dimensions, and neglected to incorporate the element of stretch. I could have made this way smaller, intending the wearer to pull it snugly about the shoulders, achieving the same finished dimensions. I'm afraid that a metal pin will not be sufficient for holding these babies up, long term, and a studier shawl stick made for heavy knit-wear will be better.
My split-neckline tee is in hiatus until I buy more yarn. As you can see here, although I'm supposed to be moving on to the bottom trim at this time, it is still a belly shirt. (Reader, please note that I tried this on over a maxi-dress, thereby hiding the 2.5 inches of horrifically white, flabby belly which stretches out below the current hemline. If it doesn't look so short here, then just trust me...it is.) In case the orange yarn Knit Picks sends me is a different dye lot, I will make a single "decorative" garter stitch row in the contrast beige color before making the dye lot shift. I hope that will work and look kinda intentional. I'm thinking two more balls will be sufficient, but at $2.50 a ball, I figure buying a third ball is just good business.

I celebrated the beginning of my 27th year this week. The husband showed his support of my sick, sick addiction by buying me a new camera!!! I'm still learning how to work the durned thing, but hopefully, you will start seeing much better photography here. He also bought me a new stitch dictionary and took me out for a fabulous dinner at Neighborhood Services, otherwise known as our new favorite restaurant. For my foodie friends, we had cocktails at the bar (a black Russian and a "Beauty School Dropout"), lobster and ricotta fritters as an appetizer, a bottle of St. Francis old vine Red Zinfandel, beef tenderloin with three pepper au jus and hashed potatoes (for him), pot roasted short rib with rosemary shiraz glaze and toasted gnocchi (for me), and butterscotch pot de creme for dessert. I'm still reeling.

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