Well, blast!

I'm stuck! Sick in bed with something awful. Doc tested me for flu, and that's out, but thanks to all sorts of nasty symptoms right out of a horror flick, I left his office with two bizarre prescriptions anyway. Turns out, we're in a surprise money crunch just for today: a rare confluence of unfortunate events has left us with around $3 until tomorrow, when we'll suddenly have bazillions (or what feels like bazillions to a teacher and a grad student), so I can't take the meds and feel better until tomorrow. Boo.

I think I felt this coming; some kind of storm was brewing deep within me all Friday. I felt oddly sick and depressed and fatigued in a way I could not accurately describe. Everything I saw Saturday made me sad or angry. Sunday, I was a boiling ball of untouchable fury...with a few sniffles. Sigh. Amazing how a little physical imbalance will send your whole world toppling. I have occasionally lusted after a "sick day" home from school during which I would just rest and knit. But now, I realize that I am too miserable to focus on knitting and left too suddenly to have set up my kiddos with an activity worth their time. I just want my world to go back to the way it is supposed to be.

In knit-land, I've started the second sleeve of Jake's cobblestone, with the first sleeve already knitted in. I'm really buzzing through the bridesmaid shawls now, putting in at least an hour a day (on days when I find I second to sit down, that is). My knitting group has created a knit-a-long based on the Booga Bag, which is causing a little stress right now since I'm running out of yarn and don't know what I'll use next, nor do I have a plan for what the finished project will look like, even though I'm probably 25% through it already. What an adventure! Also, I've picked up sock knitting again and really hope it works this time. Finally, the Watt afghan continues. Note the fancy-pants cabling job.


  1. hope you feel better soon. love your trees! LOVELY! that would be a fun thing to put on a plain stockinette sweater just to add some interest. very cool!

  2. thanks! You're right: it would be cool on a sweater. I know several people have taken to putting the motif on a pillow, which is also nice.