The Barter System

Pattern: "Everlasting Bagstopper" by Amy Singer, available free here

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy (015)

Needles: US5 and US11 circs, worked both flat and in the round

Plus: I loved the cool touch and silky drape of the yarn, even if it lacked flexibility. I'm very interested in doing a t-shirt out of this now, such as the Leaf T-shirt. Or maybe Buttercup. Easy, easy pattern and very quick work once you switch needles. The drawstring action at the bottom makes for a pretty sweet extra feature (and without it, the bag wouldn't have such a cheeky name).

Delta: I hate sewing, and the thought of securing those pretty ribbon handles on in such a way that would bear significant weight made me queasy. SO, I bartered a swap with a friend who's handy with a sewing machine. She did a lovely job with some contrasting white thread, and I won't worry about the handles for a second. My only other gripe about the project is that it takes more than one ball of hempathy, but there is NOWHERE to hide the trimmed ends. I wove them in, but they worked themselves right back out and are waving their rotten arms at the world. Ah well. Back to my smarty-swap:

Pattern: "Razor Shell Neckwarmer" by Wanett Clyde, available as a free download on Ravelry

Needles: US 5 circular, worked in the round

Yarn: Mirasol Chirapa (708 Multi)

Mods: didn't follow directions; faked a compromise half-way through; who gives a whoop?

Plus: The yarn is pretty, but I had no idea how I was going to use up half a skein of Chirapa until a few seconds before I made this. Very quick work (two weekday nights) with an elegant impact. Overall, a good time/fiber investment.

Delta: It is not as lacey as it's supposed to be because I am apparently not as bright as I'm supposed to be. Also, Jake has given me a hard time about this project, implying that a "neckwarmer" is a bizarre and useless gift, a glorified dickie, a sweater-less turtleneck, a broken scarf, etc. I have tried hard to pretend that it's totally chic and fashion forward. Hence, the model-esque kissy-pout below.

But he just might be right.

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