Dude Looks Like a Lady Sweater

Pattern: "February Lady Sweater," by Pamela Wynne, available as a free download on Ravelry
Yarn: Knit Picks Kettle-dyed Wool of the Andes, worsted weight 100% Peruvian wool
Colorway: Grasshopper
Buttons: Amazing, aren't they? Genuine Bone. Jo-ann's, of all places.

What's not to love about this design? Simple, flattering, easy to try on as you go. It's no wonder that Ms. Wynne's adaptation of the Zimmerman design is such an obsession in the knit world. I was thinking the other day about what I would do if I saw some chick out and about wearing this sweater (it's bound to happen soon). Do I hug her? Ask her if she throws or picks? Open with a comment on her hot mods?

Delta: Oh, Knit Picks, it's a love/hate thing, ain't it? It's hard to resist the prices, but you're also buying plenty of flaws to fret over. One, the "kettle-dyed" effect seems to be wildly inconsistent from one skein to another, some looking 100% solid, some being quite variegated and watery, others being a downright different green altogether. If I had been smart, I would have alternated skeins every two rows like pretty much every good knitter recommends. One day, I'll be that smart. Notice the "band of stupidity" right under my boobs, about 3 inches deep. As for the texture, apart from the totally expected roughness of this wool, Knit Picks makes some odd, hard, gnarly, enlarged "splices" which are totally infuriating! I had the same problem with the Cadena wool/alpaca blend used for the bridesmaid shawls of Becca's wedding.

Do I look skinnier in these pictures? I should, for I--lover of all food Mexican and all activities still and air-conditioned--have lost 11 pounds. Pretty soon, I'll be taking all knit-related pictures in a bikini. Then, my blog will REALLY take off!

And of course, afghan square #22!


  1. woohoo! Knitted bikini. Maybe in cotton, not knitpicks, though ;)

    I was going to say I love the subtle stripes of green, because I thought it was intentional. Don't worry; it totally works. Fantastic looking FLS. Must make one myself one day.

  2. Oh wow! It came out great! It is super helpful to read about the yarn though as I have yet to order much from them. Also, those buttons look perfect on it! And so much congrats on the 11 lbs! I gotta get to work on that too...gosh! if only someone could figure out how to knit while vigorously loosing anti bikini belly fat! arg.

  3. I have that love/hate relationship with KP too. I've yet to order any of the Wool of the Andes kettle-dyed yarn. I can't believe what happened there, that is a huge difference in color. I would send them a picture. Love the sweater, your gauge was perfect! :)