Chilly Steers and Discount Yarn

Pattern: "Easy Wave" by Lynne Barr (you know, that chick who's getting all the buzz for her new reversible knitting book), available in Knitting New Scarves
Yarn: Fiesta Watermark - 60% mohair/40% wool; single-ply heavy aran (almost bulky)
Colorway: Tequila Sunrise

Plus: Lynne Barr is kind of crazy. She thinks of the most insane things to do with knitting needles. Every time I'm knitting this scarf around accomplished knitters, they stare in wonder and eventually pull up a chair so they can see how this textured is created. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that it's not hard at all. Easy memorize, easy to rip back, easy to keep your place, virtually idiot proof.

Delta: This yarn, while lustrous and beautifully dyed, itches like the devil and felt sweaty and hairy in my hands. Not a wise choice for a scarf, for sure, but darnit, it was whispering to me demands of structure. I have two full skeins leftover from when I snatched up everyone last one out of the 50% off bin at Woolie Ewe. I'm thinking it will also look fetching as a felted purse. Stay tuned!

Those cows were major divas, but they gave me some good advice:

Also, way overdue......

Pattern: "Ingenue," by Wendy Bernard, available in Custom Knits
Yarn: Karabella Marble - 55% Wool/ 45% Alpaca; loosely spun two-ply worsted
Colorway: gold
Size: 43" modeled here with 1" of positive ease
Mods: added 1.5" torso length

Plus: Love, love, love. I want to wear it constantly. In fact, by the time this picture was taken, I had worn the sweater out at least 5 times, hence the slightly rumpled sleeves. Bernard's design is both classy and wearable, and the seamless construction is a breeze. I demand that you make one right now! Oh, and I can't say enough about this yummy yarn, which incidentally, I also plucked from Woolie Ewe's discount shelf. Hurray for 50% off!!!

I'm wondering if the sleeve edges and bottom hems would look cleaner with a turned hem. Like, you could work your ridge pattern stitch four times, purl a row, then work the same depth in stockinette (in a smaller needle size) and tack it down behind the ridge stitch. I'm wild about the collar, and I sometimes worry that the sleeves and hem look flimsy in comparison. Maybe I'll try that someday, since I have two more lovely balls left....again. Coincidences abound here.

Jake applied to the following schools yesterday. More applications to come in the next month. Imagine me in the following cities....

1. New York U (Manhattan)

2. U of Texas (Austin)

3. U of So Cal (LA)

4. U of Minnesota (Twin Cities)

5. William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA)

6. Washington and Lee (Lexington, VA)

7. U of Georgia (Athens)

8. Yeshiva U (Manhattan)

9. U of Cincinnati (duh)

10. Penn State (Carlisle)

11. DePaul (Chicago)


  1. lovely sweater! my vote goes to W&M. my husband and i went there for undergrad and loved it! definitely not big city, but a nice area.

  2. Isn't the academic world crazy? My fiance is applying for tenure track positions this year and I feel like I have to imagine myself in a different city every week. It is so very stressful. We found out early on we wouldn't be going back home (UT) so now we just wait. Good luck to you!