Speak the Good News, Sista!

Pattern: "Sideways Grande Cloche," by Laura Irwin, available in Boutique Knits and Interweave Knits Accessories, 2009
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande - 100% Alapaca, ultra lofty 2-ply super-bulky weight
Colorway: Brown

Plus: This yarn feels like heaven in your hands, and I feel like a movie star wearing this hat. Nuff said, y'all.

Delta: Dear knit designers, please, please, pretty please, with rainbow sprinkles and cool-whip on top, give gauge specifications in stockinette. Because Irwin provides this gauge in ribbing, I totally psyched myself out on this piece and ripped it out at least four times before proceeding with my gut instinct needle (one size above the specified, my usual MO). This anxiety was intensified after reading the Ravelled comments about how many people's hats turned out way too large. It's no wonder, since I could never figure out whether I was on track for gauge or not. Totally, unnecessarily infuriating. It did come out on the big side, but I've got a pretty big noggin.

I wore this hat to school the day after I finished it, and one of my knitting students looked the construction over, wide-eyed, and then asked me, "So, did you....tapestry needle this twist thing down?" Best noun-to-verb conversion I've heard in all week.

We received our first law school "YES" this week. Washington and Lee, ranked #30 in the nation. Woot! That knocks out all the previously applied schools ranked lower. He also added this week U of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Boston University, and Georgetown. Keep your fingers crossed for us! I've been busy writing personal statements and collecting recommendation letters for my own job search, which is a pretty odd search, indeed, since I don't yet know my city. Let's hope the good people at Carney, Sandoe, and Associates know what they're doing.

Square #15

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  1. lovely square and cute hat! congrats to your hubby on W&L. i'm from lynchburg which is an hour from lexington and have quite a few family members who went to W&L. lexington isn't a large city, but that part of virginia is so lovely!