Grief in the Snow

Over the weekend I spent in Wisconsin, reflecting on the life and death of my paternal grandfather, I had this comforting project in my lap the whole time:

Pattern: "Baktus Scarf," by former Norweigan blogger Strikkelise, available on her Flickr page here
Yarn 1: Rowan Calmer - stretchy 2-ply (Feels like DK weight, but Rowan encourages knitting it at worsted weight gauge) 75% cotton/25% microfiber
Colorway 1: Onyx
Yarn 2: Noro Kureyon - single-ply heavy worsted weight, 100% wool
Colorway 2: 170

Plus: Alternating solid and multi-colored stripes served three purposes: one, it made it easier to see when I was supposed to increase or decrease within the four row repeat, essential considering the distracting and fluid circumstances; two, I wanted to find a clever use for two leftover half-skeins of my Kureyon, so I increased until I used one up and decreased to use up the other; three, it looks purty. A fiber/pattern match made in heaven.

Delta: In an ideal world, I would have knit this on 8's or even 9's, instead of 7's, to get a more width and drape. However, I like wearing it kerchief-style with the point askew in front and the ends tied and tucked behind my neck. I've received several complements so far.

I had a hard time watching my dad and grandmother cope with the sudden, unfortunate event. They both seemed rather lost, unsure of whether they were playing their roles appropriately, trying to grasp the truth while avoiding the weight of it around friends and family. I was grateful for the opportunity to see and hug my relatives on that side, none of whom I see very often. I should also admit that I had a blast bunking in with my sister and her husband; despite the terrible circumstances, we kept one another in high spirits and constant giggles. We all found the abundant snow so exhilirating and special; knowing that we never see such snow in Dallas, we danced and played our hearts out.

Ah, the irony. Within the week, Dallas was blessed accordingly.


Watts family afghan square #16


  1. sorry to hear about your loss. lovely scarf. i love the alternating between solid and noro.

  2. You're in my latest post!!

    and I LOVE your final colorful scarf thing.
    AND THE TREE SQUARE. I can't believe it!!!

    What did you think of cheeseburger pie? lol easy huh! Its honestly just something fast to make, I know its not incredible. Please pass on any FAST meals/recipes for two!

    love you!