Knitting Emergency!

Oh, sweet Jesus! I have never before seen such a perfect storm of knitting problems in one week.

First, deadlines:
1. Melanie--tiny, sassy, rocker chick--requested some charcoal gray fingerless mitts for wearing while she plays her bass guitar at outdoor venues. She needs them by Saturday night.

2. Baby Adler--not yet born daughter of English department colleague--needs comfy and colorful rainbow blanket. The baby shower is this Friday afternoon.

3. Ravelympic Gods--mean, spiteful deadline pushers--demand that I finish my Aria scarf by the end of the winter Olympics. This Sunday night.

4. Grades are due for 2nd trimester next Tuesday.

Second, stupidity:
1. I cast off my "Nereid Mitts" two nights ago, tried both on, and then screamed bloody murder. There are 10 more rows of ribbing on one cuff. THE CAST-ON EDGE OF THE CUFF! Twisted knit ribbing and lace. Fingering weight yarn. Help. Me. God. Several people argued with me that I should just give them over, flaws and all. But Melanie is a triple Virgo. I might as well just spit on her hands and call it a mitt.

2. Blankets (even the baby sort) are big and time consuming. I am stressed. Not a good combo. I should have gone with booties.

3. I scheduled a major paper and a spelling quiz due in the last week of the trimester, both of which must be graded by next Tuesday.

Third, solutions:
1. I CUT out the lower ten rows and am currently attempting (unsuccessfully) to shimmy 60 consecutive stitches onto some needles so I can bind it off. I'm going into my LYS today, my head hung with shame, to beg for assistance.

2. The blanket is worked from the inside out and bound off whenever you feel like it. I'm thinking this will be a small blanket. I don't know this colleague that well, anyway.

3. There's always Sunday for Ravelympic stress. Yeah, I can look forward to that....

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  1. you can do it. your solutions are mainly the ones i was going to suggest. sorry for the stress, but i'm sure your finished projects/gifts will be loved and appreciated. good luck!