A difficult scarf for some difficult hair

Pattern: "My So Called Scarf" by Allison Isaacs, available free here
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend - single-ply DK weight, 30% silk/70% merino wool
Colorway: Prairie (3104)
Mods: CO 36 on US10 to compensate for gauge differences

Plus: My, oh my, what a fine lookin' stitch! It's a pretty bizarre set of motions, and I can't imagine trying to figure this thing out without the helpful video, but after a few slow starts, my hands just knew what to do. I loved working with this yarn, far more than the rather rough Wool Classica. I have to give thanks to my knitting bud Shelley for gifting me with two skeins of this lovely fiber for Christmas.

Delta: A warning to fellow timid knitters: this is not a rip-back friendly scarf. Although it doesn't look like lace, I recommend treating it as such and using a lifeline (note, this is not advice I followed myself). Somehow, half-way through the scarf I noticed that my total number of stitches had decreased from 36 to 30!!! I can't imagine how I would accidentally decrease in this pattern without an outright dropping of stitches, but there it was. A Hanukkah miracle! After considering the possible merits of a lopsided scarf, I decided to make metaphorical lemonade--increase back out at the same rate to a total of 36 for an impressive hourglass-type-shape-thingy. This was easier decided than done since the stitch pattern is so funky. However, I am proud to report that the sneaky increases look....abysmal. Don't try this at home, kids. Count your stitches; use a lifeline.

This is a dreadfully late holiday gift for my dear friend Jessica (a crocheter, so she may understand). At our Christmas party, as my handknits were snatched up quickly by various folks, she waited patiently and calmly like the classy dame she is. Unfortunately, the only item left over was the Easy Wave Scarf, and the dear girl drooped her lovely auburn head and sighed, "Um, I can't...wear...pink." I'm thinking these colors with complement her trademark tresses beautifully, so beautifully that no one would dare say, "Hey, is it just me, or does that scarf have a waist?"

I'm currently gripped in the throes of the Ravelympics, by far the nerdiest place my knitting has taken me so far. The idea is to challenge one's knitting prowess and dedication, as inspired by those maniacs currently wiping out on the snowy mountains of Canada, by selecting a project which will be a challenge to finish within the 17 days of the Winter Olympics. Cast-on with about 10,000 other knitters during the opening ceremonies; cast-off before the torch is extinguished. Pat yourself on the back if you succeed. Hate yourself for two years if you don't.

I chose a scarf with short-rows, not because it's terribly difficult, but because it's just the sort of thing I would take forever to finish because it's not exactly riveting, nor is it mindless and comforting. We're more than halfway through the allotted time, and I just passed my 33% point. Better step it up.

Watts Afghan Square #17


  1. all gorgeous! --I also knit that so-called-scarf and seriously it took me ages just to figure out what the heck they were talking about. In the end it was a no-brainer, but again one of those patterns that I was totally over-thinking.

  2. i've always thought about knitting the so-called-scarf, but never have. thanks for the advice. i'm also in the throws of ravelympics. i think i'm about 60% done. of course, i have all the dreaded seaming still to come.