WIP it good!

Sorry, kids! All I've got are some lame-o work-in-progress(s).

My "Clapotis" is dangerously close to completion. Pretty, huh? When it is symmetrical, I'm finished. Don't touch. MINE.

Started "Branching Out" for Amber. See the lifeline (purple thread at the top)? Smarter than I look.

"Baby Surprise Jacket" for Marin. What's that you say? This blob doesn't look like a jacket? THAT'S THE SURPRISE!

"Buncha Squares Log Cabin Quilt" for Temple and Dustin needs seaming. I hate seaming. Ergo, the blanket will look just like this for a while.

This purse has been reincarnated from a tube top. It needs to be lined. I hate sewing. Ergo, the purse will look like this for a while.

The braided cable laptop cover is still in process, but since Jake has been anxiously asking for it...and I resent everything I'm supposed to do....it is not progressing much.

I hope this post has inspired you to do much and accomplish little in your life today.

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