The Tragic Flaw(s)

Pattern: "Spring Beret" by Natalie Larson (available for free download on Ravelry)
Yarn: Sirdar Juicy DK (429)
Needles: US 8 Circular (worked in the round)
Size: more slouchy
Mods: never switched to US9 because I don't have a circ in that size and the gauge seemed way too floppy as it was

Plus: The lace pattern is really pretty. The yarn is sooooper soft and shiny.
Delta: Where do I begin? Let's just say I learned a lot. First of all, follow directions, dude! If it asks for worsted weight, USE WORSTED WEIGHT! If it says change needles size.....uh...do it. However, if the directions say to do the crown decreases using Magic Loop method rather than dpns....kindly ignore. Maybe I don't know how to do this correctly, but once I got the crazy thing off the needles and saw the HUGE ladders caused by the magic loop, I almost cried. I think I rigged it closed with lots of darning, but I lost several "slouch" inches in the process. Speaking of slouch, this obviously does not, which means it looks stupid on me (blame wrong yarn weight, wrong needles, and ladder darning). Speaking of stupid, I should have used a lace lifeline....but didn't because I wasn't sure how (not that I tried to learn). Last night, I decided it was a fantastic idea to work on a lace project at 2am and (GASP) screwed up. Ah, hubris. After I cursed my lack of lifeline so I could rip back, I finally looked up how I SHOULD have done it. *HEAD SMACK* It is SO simple and would have saved me a ton of heartache and head-scratching.

The yarn only cost me about $12, so I'm not gonna cry over split milk here. Besides, I can, in fact, tuck my worst cases of bed-head in this baby. I tried it out this afternoon when I went shopping in my pajamas for coffee, ice cream, and uppers.

I plan to start "Branching Out" soon for Amber and will have the ability to redeem myself then in the wonderful world of lace.

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