Present for the Dream Boat

Pattern: "Aran Laptop Cover" by Michael del Vecchio, available in Knitting with Balls: A Hands-on Guide to Knitting for the Modern Man, or for free here
Size: 11" x 15.5"
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-ease Solids (Avocado)
Needles: US 8 14" straights (US 2 dps for the i-cord ties)
Mods: instead of backpack type clips, Jake preferred these leather covered buttons and a three stitch i-cord tie

Plus: I think this looks pretty darn impressive, and Jake is super pumped (even though he wanted it finished long, long ago). I'm also getting a lot smoother working with a cable needle and a braided cable chart (as stark contrast to my princess mitts).
Delta: I can't say I enjoyed this project. In fact, I had to force myself to work on it. Sure, it was partially out sheer stubbornness. But beyond that, the yarn sucks (squeaky acrylic), and the pattern is at once boring and difficult. It never changes or shapes in any way, and yet I can't memorize it or look up too often (i.e., not a relaxing TV watching knit). The two times I had to rip back, I thought I was going to have a heart-attack getting it back on the needles. If that wasn't bad enough, I think I found a few mistakes in the pattern (though it's possible I'm just stupid). First, the Wild Oak Braid chart can only be worked reading right to left on every row; if worked flat, the chart should read left to right, then right to left, on alternating rows. When binding off the 23 stitches from the right, it says to "Sl1 pwise" then k2, but since you already have a stitch on your right needle from the bind-off process, you don't need to slip the stitch. If you do, you'll start the chart on the wrong stitch.

Okay, okay! That's enough bitching about the pattern. Jake is happy. Laptop no longer naked. In other news, one of my nearest and dearest just tied the knot. Photos of their finished "Cuddle Quilt" to come soon. I decided to extend it by 30% at the last minute. Also working on a pair of beaded garter mitts for Becca's birthday, a cute hat for a friend's toddler, and a Cobblestone for Jake.

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