Hat Lady

The Spring Beret is coming along quite well, and it looks like even though I'm using a DK rather than worsted weight, the gauge will be on target. This bamboo/cotton blend (Sirdar Juicy) is ultra silky and luxurious, but it splits so much, one can hardly call this a "yarn." It's like trying to knit a hat out of a hank of someone's hair. But, MAN does this thing have lovely drape! Unfortunately, it's on hiatus until the yarn stores open up again, and I can get a second ball.

I'm teaching myself stranded fair isle technique. This is where you knit English style with your right hand and German style with your left, holding a different color yarn in each. Then, you follow a color chart to make designs by alternating from hand to hand. I'll need to have it down for one of the squares of Becca's blanket. For now, I'm practicing with some leftovers and the "Fake Isle Hat" pattern. Since I normally knit English style, my left hand is basically going through knitting boot camp and is quite awkward right now. It'll get easier with time. Meanwhile, the hands ACHE.

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