Stargazing With the Wool Over My Eyes

Pattern: "The Clutch You'll Never Give Up" by Leigh Radford, available in One Skein
Yarn: Fiesta Watermark (Tequila Sunrise) - leftovers from Easy Wave
Mods: After reading Ravelled comments, I decided to go a bit bigger all around and just use the pattern as a guideline. In the end, I CO 80 stitches and increased 4 stitches every 12th round a total of 4 times. I also added an extra row after finishing the handle. I obviously needle-felted a stargazer lily onto one side.

Plus: I cannot believe how perfect the dimensions came out. It fits my wallet, keys, phone, and lipgloss perfectly. Nothing spilling out, nothing getting lost. You can't plan for perfection like that. It is granted. I was especially lucky since I didn't babysit the process like last time, hovering over the washer and pulling it out every 10 minutes to check the size. I set it for a hot and aggressive wash and then walked away, totally zen about whatever would come to pass. Go figure. I am further delighted with my first foray into needle-felting. It was fast and intuitive, and most importantly, I didn't stab myself ONCE.

Delta: Ummm...I wish I could have figured out how to needle-felt tiny fuchsia dots like on a Stargazer. Whether I manipulated the yarn or the roving, it was too blunt and blurry to work.

I'm still playing with my scraps to make some toys like this one: "Fuzzy Mitten Lamb," by Barbara Prime, available as a free download on Ravelry here. I used Knit Picks City Tweed in Orca (leftover from Jake's Cobblestone) and Sirdar Juicy DK (leftover from my terrible Spring Beret). The latter was not an ideal choice since the gauge was different, but I've absolutely got to get that stringy crap out of my stash.

Last, but certainly not least, Watts family afghan square #20, my first entrelac technique. I heart this mucho. Need to work on making the edges straight, though.

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