Share Time

Modern Ma'am has flattered me with a request: reveal seven facts about myself and then pass the love on to seven other fabulous bloggers. First, the TRUTH.

  1. Though my bachelor's degree is in Literary Studies, I originally majored in Musical Theatre at a relatively prestigious conservatory. I was kicked out sophomore year due to excessive suckage.
  2. I am a whopping 6'0 tall.
  3. My beautiful, intelligent, sensitive husband Jake is bipolar type 2.
  4. I spend every evening leaning on a heating pad due to my own stupid affliction, endometriosis. The good news is that since my surgery last June, I no longer tote that heating pad with me to work.
  5. I have only been knitting for about a year and a half, and I am completely self-taught. I think I mainly picked it up to soothe my anxieties related to not being able to get pregnant.
  6. I cannot control myself around Mexican food.
  7. I own every Will and Grace episode ever made. I watch a few other things because my husband insists that we add a little more variety to our routine.
Now, the DARE. I wanna hear more about....
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And on to the knitting:

Pattern: "Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket" by Genia Planck, available free here
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease - worsted weight, 75% cotton/25% acrylic
Colors: Almond, Azalea, Taupe, Maize, Pistacio (pretty yummy stuff)
Mods: added a three-stitch wide i-cord bind off

Plus: Mindless, fast, low-pressure way to burn through the rest of my cotton-ease stash, left over from Temple's blanket.

Delta: I ran out of time before I ran out of yarn, and I did not have the opportunity to block it properly...or....you know....at all. Hence, a tad on the small and wrinkly side, much like its intended recipient. One of my coworkers, when the blanket was pulled out of its gift bag, said, "Oh, you made them a doily. That's interesting." He got a nice kick in the shins under the desks.

Here's a rapidly regressing sixth grader getting it nice and germy before I wrap it up. This picture is important for two reasons: 1) you can tell how small it is and 2) you can see the insanity I work with every day.


  1. I love how this turned out. The colors are great and this blanket looks so nice in stripes. As to the size, it's actually a very nice size for a baby. So many blankets out there are way too big and bulky. This will be perfect for tucking over the little one in a stroller or carseat. And thanks for the challenge. I also had a lot of issues getting pregnant and knitting was soothing to me too. Take care.

  2. thank you so much for sharing! I too, believe I picked up most of my hobbies to deal with hardships but it's those difficult things that make us who we are and we are the people that make the world more enjoyable for others. Yay Us! ;)

  3. omg!!! Mrs. Lewis!!! i am soooo glad i found your blog!!!! btw this is one of your past students but i wont ruin who it is... thanks for sharing all of your personal life (problems) and sharing your heartbreaking story to the world!!! luv ya!!!! hehe!!!! comeback sometime if you can figure out who we are!!!we luv a visit froms ours ummm........favorite special teacher