It Almost Killed Me

I have dreamed of the day I would post this finished object. All 1728 square inches contain my deep devotion and respect for Temple and Dustin, and commemorates their beautiful wedding this past July. I know it is perhaps arrogant to desire, but I hope it will remain a keepsake treasure in their family for many, many happy years to come.

Pattern: "Buncha Squares Blanket," by Kay Gardiner and Anne Shayne, available free here
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-ease (almond, taupe, terracotta, maize, lime, and azalea)
Needles: US8 straight for blanket, US6 circular for border (all worked flat)
Mods: only worked 12 squares total, instead of 16

Plus: I love the modern look of this "quilt." I was looking to blend Temple's eclectic, often feminine style, with Dustin's love of the modern and clean; as soon as I saw this pattern, I gasped and knew it was "the one." Since it was knit in 12 inch squares of garter stitch, there is no better "take-along" project, anywhere, in all the land. Most of the inner squares were completed at traffic stops and in take-out restaurants, while I banged out the outer cream borders during marathon viewings of every House episode ever made. (I rented two discs a day, every day for a while there, and I'm sure the Blockbuster people thought I had no life.....which was true) I have also become VERY comfortable with picking up stitches through the completion of this project. I've figured out what looks beautiful, what creates big-honkin' holes, and what a miracle "twisted" stitches are to fix unavoidable gaps.
Delta: CARPAL TUNNEL CITY. I have heard people claim that cotton can hurt your hands and wrists, but I thought they were just sissies, or referring to the fact that the fiber itself is not especially silky. NO! No, believe the rumors and FLEE, like a fire's at your heels, from any large-scale cotton project. The total lack of inelasticity makes for a rough job, like riding in a car which the suspension is totally shot---you feel every single jarring bump in your bones. I'm also pretty disappointed with my finishing work. This is still an area for major personal growth. I feel like I should have ignored the suggestion to use a whipstich to join the squares and gone with backstitch instead. I also know now that absolutely NO knots are acceptable as an alternative to sewing in a loose end. After the wear and tear of finishing and washing, the few I cheated on are all poking out and waving their frayed, ugly arms at me, threatening to unravel. Oh, the horror.

Temple and Dustin have a solid foundation of love and faith on which to build a life. They do such a great job of balancing and inspiring each other. I have been quite close to Temple for over a decade now, and I've never seen her glow like this; the vitality and health and thankfulness simply flow from her. Though I'm only beginning to know Dustin as a dear friend, I see the spark and admiration in his eyes as he watches her, and I know she gives him just as much joy. I could not have hand-picked a more perfect partner for either. I feel blessed to have witnessed the growth of their love and the celebration of their union.

It's done! Woot!

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  1. I'm not really a knit blanket person, but I love the looks of this one. Classic, but modern. Very nice. Definitely a labor of love.