Ruby Hand Slippers

Pattern: "In a Twist Wristwarmers" by Claire Compton, available in The Knitter's Bible: Knitter's Accessories
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted (Amoroso)
Needles: US6 circular (worked flat)

Plus: Malabrigo is knitter's crack. Ruh-diculous. I'm not sure whether this cable is much more simple or if I'm getting smarter, but these were way easier for me than the "Princess Mitts." Also, I'm super-duper proud of myself, because I took this opportunity to finally teach myself the mattress seam, and I think it looks pretty smooth. I didn't even hate seaming them.....that much.

Delta: Why, oh why, Ms. Crompton, create this pattern to knit flat?! I was so tempted to rewrite it for seamless construction, until I decided to seize the day and learn the aforementioned and much overdo skill. Still. Stupid. Also, I was disappointed by how these fit. I had selected the yarn and project as a Xmas gift for Mom, but these came out a bit short and tight, particularly in the thumb. However, when showing off the first mitt at knitting group last week, my dear friend Shelley tried them on and immediately gasped with delight; she had never found a mitt that fit her tiny, freakish hands so perfectly! I grudgingly admitted that the color also matches her new scarf to a T. So...new mitts for Shelley....coal for Mom.

In the TMI department: the doc and I had a long talk about my steadily increasing pain and our similarly mounting fertility frustrations. We came up with a great plan. Go get a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to determine whether or not that left tube truly IS blocked. If it's not, try harder to get myself knocked up (e.g. IUI, clomid, charting). If it is, abandon the baby track for a while to go on Lupron, a medication which would actually fight endo by basically forcing me into a false menopause (fun). In the meantime, we could try to surgically correct Jake's issue.

Well, apparently, when God closes a door, he also shuts all the windows and jams the remote for the garage. The tube is definitely blocked. My insurance won't pay for Lupron. Jake's particular issue is evidently genetically linked and doesn't respond to surgical therapy. In short, we're screwed.


  1. 1) the mitts are lovely! 2) i've only used malabrigo once, but it is SO lovely and soft! 3) i am so sorry to hear about your fertility stuff. we went through quite a bit when we were trying to have children. eventually it did all work out for us. i know hearing that doesn't make it any easier, but i hope the same is true for you. i will send some extra prayers your way.

  2. oh and 4) once i discovered the mattress stitch and how easy it is and how lovely it works--i was much happier about seaming, but i'd still rather knit in the round :).

  3. hi sister. SO i JUST started my blog. how do i add you to the side of mine so that i can get to it easily?