Happy Knitaversary to Me!

One year down. Who knows how many more before restlessness or carpal tunnel overcome my new passion?

To celebrate, I bought myself my very own ball-winder and swift. Cuz I'm hardcore now. And hardcore knitters don't drape skeins of yarn around their knees to wind it around their thumbs like some kind of ANIMAL! NO! They whip that sucker into a tight, little cake in 10-seconds flat and keep right on knitting.

Perhaps that sounded unreasonably macho. Blame it on the fact that I've spent about 8 hours today swimming through the bizarre land that is a 6th grade mind. Roaches negotiating peace treaties between people and magical forests; secret underground lairs that contain creature-making machines; Santas that morph into Hannah Montana only to be slaughtered by an anthropomorphic banana; Man-Cow-Bird blend creatures who wreak havoc on the pharmacy section of Target; pet chinchillas who solve crimes while their masters are out; dinosaur eggs discovered by zoo employees in a pile of Rhino poop....it's been the weirdest day at my desk EVER.

New afghan square:

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