Red Fish Blue Fish...finally!

Pattern: "A Recipe for Fish" by April Broken, available free here
Yarn: Shibui Merino Worsted (Chinese Red and Dragonfly)
Needles: US8 dpns (worked flat)
Mods: added an i-cord bind-off around the edge, which I think looks very clever

Plus: This was a piece of cake, instantly memorized, and supremely portable. The yarn is surprisingly soft for a superwash and even smoother after a gentle run through the machine. I love that the hand-dyed merino gives the blue a "watery" quality, enhanced by the natural ripple curve of the fish. I also love that this fits the nursery theme so perfectly, one could LITERALLY die of cuteness once the blankie is actually placed inside this room. Yikes! Be careful!

Delta: I suck at seaming, and this obviously requires a lot of seaming. I know that lots of people used a mattress seam on this, but I thought that would defeat the purpose of those nice selvedges (not to mention the fact that I don't know how to do a mattress seam). So I used all the attached tails and sewed each fish pair along the selvedges with a running stitch, then wove in the ends for at least 6 stitches. Well, we can see how that turned out in the previous post. Maybe running stitch was a stupid choice on my part, but give me a break. I'm learning! I went back and repaired holes and reinforced seams with every last scrap of yarn I had, and I'm praying HARD that this won't fall apart any further.

Also, another afghan square:

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  1. i LOVE how this blanket turned out. the i-cord really is a nice touch.