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Pattern: "Knotty but Nice" by Natalie Larson, available free here
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (color #300500) - 55% merino wool/33% microfiber/12% cashmere

Plus: Really well-written, highly addictive pattern. This yarn makes a really nice pairing since cables pop so beautifully in this round, plumpy yarn. To make everything that much sweeter, I found the yarn a few weekends ago in the 50% off bin at my LYS.

I had so much fun doing this, I got major hand cramps as I powered through round after round, saying, "I'll stop after this row...."

Pattern: "Stacked Wedges" by Lynne Barr, available in Knitting New Scarves
Yarn: Spinning Rainbows Handspun Yarn

Plus: This scarf flew off the needles in a flash. The short rows broke up the monotony of garter stitch; the garter stitch balanced the counting required for the short rows. All in all, a fun but easy scarf. I think I've mentioned before that Lynne Barr is kind of a rock star.

Delta: This yarn, a gift from my mother, was a rather difficult customer. I was anxious to find an appropriate home for this unique, local handspun, but it took more than a few false starts to find its match. To begin with, the rustic two-ply ranged from dk weight to bulky from foot to foot, inch to inch, making gauge a nightmare. Furthermore, the wool is minimally processed, thereby leaving it a lanolin-rich treasure trove of hay and stickers, both of which I tried my best to pick out as I went. Finally, the ply was quite crisp in some areas, while nearly felted and fuzzy in others, rendering any fancy stitchwork a total waste of time. Thus, I had to think non-fitting, industrial, and geometric, respectively. I think I managed it here and, as a result, honored the gifts and charm of the fiber.

Alrighty, so that's two more Christmas gifts, which I can add to that green hat, the blue beaded hat, the orange fingerless mitts, and the pink/orange cowl. I've also got a girl scarf and some boy mitts on the needles, along with a special order ponchette for my mother-in-law and a special-order toddler hat for a dear friend of my mother. So, if I finish everything I've started so far...that's ten gifts. Doesn't seem like many, and I'm beginning to panic. There are many more available yarn+project pairings in the stash, but what I'm short on is time. Adding to the sticky, I'm flying into Dallas on Sunday, so I'll have to choose my last-ditch-effort projects in advance, weighing speed of completion (super-bulky weight hats?!) against space in my bags (oh, uh, lace shawls). Blimey! If only I had MONEY for Christmas this year. Hopefully family and friends will understand.

Watts' Afghan of Eternity Square #35/36 (Sweet Jesus, just one more!)

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  1. okay, that's it then. you better be planning on some quality knitting time with your long lost knitting group! oh yes, and you should also plan on bringing a very large bag dedicated to holding ALL of your FO's because we want to see every last one. IN PERSON. :)