Home Sweet Home

Pattern: "Frock Camisole," by Katie Himmelberg, available free here
Yarn: Louisa Harding Cinnabar - worsted weight; 30% viscose, 25% cotton, 15% acrylic, 10% silk, 10% Linen, 5% Nylon, 5% Acetate (whew!)
Colorway: 6

This simple, cool-to-the-touch project was great to pull onto my lap during stressful moments as we were moving. Only the very top strap portion requires moderate attention to the pattern. I love the feel of this drapey, metallic, slightly slubby yarn against my skin. It's truly the perfect match for this cute tank. I love the cut of the top itself and find it universally flattering.

Delta: I feel like it looks outstanding from the front, okay from the back, and a little sloppy on the sides. I wonder how one would tidy that up without messing up the way the front lays. Decreases along the center back?

Okay, we need to talk about how skinny I look in these pictures. I've lost 40 freakin' pounds, people!!! If I can do it, then truly, anyone can. I jog/walked my first 5k on July 15, and I'm planning on jogging an entire one on September 12th with Jake. In addition to increasing my activity, I've been using Weight Watcher's clever POINTS system to make sure I'm eating the right amount for my needs each day. I still have tacos and ice cream and cheeseburgers, so it's more like a paradigm than a diet.

Jake and I are all settled in our new little townhouse, with which we are ENTIRELY in love. Since we rented it sight unseen, we were preparing for the worst, but this place is AWESOME. Hardwood floors, beautiful molding, huge garden bathtub, tons of storage, lovely tile on back-splash and bathrooms, two bedrooms so Jake can have an office, and two-and-a-half baths so Gracie's litter box can sit somewhere I never, ever have to go. There are a ton of law students living in this development, particularly a lot of people in Jake's class, which has helped us make some connections in town quickly. There's even a couple a few doors down, in which the wife is a drama major who knits. (!!!)

My new teaching job is incredible and life-altering, but I will speak more of that next posting. For now, enjoy the newest Watts afghan square, #28/36


  1. You look fabulous! Yay!

    I'm glad you are settling in - have you found the LYS yet?

  2. Wow! That is super cute! I'm going to have to queue it. Also, I'm so happy for you in your new home and it sounds perfect!

  3. HOLY CRAP KATHERINE!!!! i feel like im not going to recognize you the next time i see you!!! ahh!

  4. Katherine, You look fantastic! You are an inspiration to me....I need to lose 40! Love your top and that Watts afghan has me so curious! I love what you have shown so far! Elaine