More Baby Crap

Pattern: "Baby Sweater on Two Needles," by Elizabeth Zimmerman, available in the Knitter's Almanac
Yarn: Rowan Calmer - light worsted weight, 75% cotton/25% microfiber
Colorways: Vintage and Drift

Plus: Since I still had the Gull Lace stitch memorized from the big girl version of this sweater, and because my friends are procreating like mad, I figured it was a good time to make this classic Zimmerman design. I was also pleased for the opportunity to completely use up every last inch of this boring pastel stuff. When I went to drop the sweater off at the recipient's house, I was greeted by a perfectly matching lavender tinted nursery. Sweet.

Delta: Zimmerman's "pithy" directions, while no doubt revolutionary and liberating at the time, lack a modern girl's demand for clarity now and then. I was a little confused if the length of the hem should be measured from the neck or the armpit. In the end, I stopped when I ran out of yarn, a time which conveniently overlapped with the moment it looked about right. I'm ambivalent about the fact that the neckline gapes open; Z's instructions have you putting the button hole after the first inch or so, but I noticed many people adapted that to put it earlier, thereby avoiding that gap. I don't know. Babies have big heads and often need some leeway in the neck area. In the same way, I dutifully followed Z's directions to knit the sleeves flat, even though most people now have avoided the seam-up by working those in the round. I guess I wanted the authentic Zimmerman experience, wild and flawed though it be.

The weight loss journey has continued to be a positive one. I have lost a total of 23.6 pounds, and I'm currently in training to (mostly) jog a 5k on July 18. Woot! I have a lot more that I still want to accomplish, but the momentum is building. I'm discovering the athlete within. I even just rewarded myself with a fantastic new toy, a Polar FT4.

Still no job in Virginia, but I finally nabbed a real interview over Skype! Who knows if anything will come of it, but it's a relief that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE has picked up my resume and thought, "Hmmm...let's call this one." Send positive thoughts, dudes.

Watts Family Afghan Square #24:

This square kinda makes me hungry....

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