Drool Worthy

Pattern: "Chevron Scarf" by Joelle Hoverson, available in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino - 100% superwash wool, fingering weight
Colorways: p623 and p136
Mods: Only one skein of each colorway, rather than two. It was plenty long, both the scarf and my relationship with it.

Plus: Umm....have you been looking at these pictures?! This thing is freakin' fierce!!! This pretty thing is for my old college roomie Emily. Long, long ago, when we lived in the second poorest neighborhood in St. Louis, she fought off the stress of finals by crocheting me a super-duper long, thick scarf out of that Lion Brand Homespun acrylic yarn you can get at craft stores. It sounds dorky, but the colorway truly was cool, and I was utterly touched. I still have (and occasionally wear) it now, and I decided it's high time I return the favor. Not long after I learned to knit, I wrote her and told her I wanted to makes something. She told me she "wears the crap out of scarves" and can never have too many. She's pretty eloquent for a professor of political science, huh??? Her adorable husband is an artist whose work fills our current apartment, so I thought this painterly project appropriate. Perhaps they'll be so moved, Darick will send more art.

Delta: Blocking was a tad frustrating. It's incredibly wonky right off the needles, and it remained wavy and curled after the first wet-blocking. I re-wet-blocked....then steam-blocked it...and finally just ironed it within an inch of its life. That did the trick.

The pieces are coming together for the big move to Lexington, Virginia! Jake has a law school. I have a job. We've got a respectable collection of sturdy boxes to start packing. The rental truck is arranged. Now, all we need is a HOME. For some reason, these laid back country types don't feel especially obligated to return phone calls or reply to emails. We've been bugging I don't know how many realtors, apartment complexes, and property owners....all to no avail. Boo. I hope we don't end up somewhere that blows simply because we had no time left to deliberate.

Watts Family Afghan of Infinity Square #27....9 more!!!!


  1. Hello Kat! Thinking of you and your move! I hope things are going smoothly. Love all of your knitted items....can't wait to see what this Watts project is going to look like....such neat squares! Best wishes to you! Elaine

  2. looooooove the tree square!! ehhhhh!!! love you!