Lez All Be Generous

Just about a year ago, I knit a very simple, seed stitch hat for my sister's boyfriend in a very manly, understated, cheapo gray yarn from JoAnn's. Because I still did not understand the whole "gauge" thing yet, the hat came out way too small (as did everything I knit before I understood and respected that vengeful ho-bag, the gauge goddess). It was too small to fit any man, and too man-ish to be worn by any woman. Enter the perfect recipient: a teensy, tiny butch lesbian who works with my husband. Fits her child-sized cranium AND flatters her buzz cut! SWEET. Well, a month ago, she thanked me again for the hat and explained that she wears it every morning to walk her dogs. She complained, however, that it's awfully hard to walk them without a matching scarf. Yeah, yeah. I can take a hint.

I've been seeing these "eternity" or "infinity" scarves/cowl/wrap thingys everywhere. Hence:

Pattern: my own design (CO 25 stitches and work in seed stitch until totally bored or out of yarn. Seam the sucker into a loop.)
Yarn: NaturallyCaron.com Country (charcoal)--held double
Needles: US 13 (worked flat)

Plus: It's very squooshy and soft for a project that's mostly acrylic. Great stuff for gifts to people who will balk at "hand wash" instructions. Also, I like that you have a couple options with how to wear this. Here it is doubled up around the neck.

Delta: Nothing. I'm a genius. Okay, okay, the seam is hideous. I was anxious to move on to something else, apparently.

And in conclusion, SQUARE.


  1. cute scarf. could you knit in the round (just twist before joining)? love the square--especially the center of the flower.

  2. just thought about my comment, i guess then you would have to know how long you want it before you cast on since each row would be one loop all the way around. you wouldn't have to do a lot of rows, but each row/round would be LONG. hmmm...

  3. You absolutely could cast-on in the round. I just had no idea what I was getting or doing when I put it on the needles. This version isn't even twisted mobius-style. It's wide enough that it just drapes and lies in different pretty angles all by itself.